Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Response to Anonymous

I find art and science to be more like cousins rather than distant relatives in the current state of the world. Interdisciplinary approaches to thinking and creating impregnate both fields and I have found great resource in people who have cross pollinated their chosen medium to embellish an even greater "becoming." A few artists, happenings, and books come to mind...

Mark Dion - "Dion's work examines the ways in which dominant ideologies and public institutions shape our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world."
MD on methodology Watch the complete Art 21 : Ecology with him in it-- great!

Natalie Jeremijenko - "...an artist and engineer whose background includes studies in biochemistry, physics, neuroscience and precision engineering."
NJ on Science NJ on The Environmental Health Clinic

Thomas Thwaites - Contemporary Designer. Watch "how I built a toaster"

Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light
by Leonard Shlain
An easy and in-depth read written by a surgeon who realized his extreme love of art while trying to explain it to his children. It covers A LOT of territory in and outside the field of art with fascinating anecdotes along the way.

Mind, Life, and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of Our Time
by Lynn Margulis and Eduardo Punset
A Wonderful read encapsulating some of the world's current top scientists and their theories and philosophies on life, living, and meaning.

Between the Folds, 2008 (film)
"...depicts a cast of fine artists and eccentric scientists (from MIT and NASA) who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami."

Conflux A festival about art and artists in the public space.

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